Hourly cleaning

Imagine the peace of mind that you get when you live in a home that is cleaner and healthier day after day. We are committed to providing better health and time for fun with our Professional House Cleaning Services in Auckland. For small residential homes, we give the flexibility of choosing hourly packages. A clean and tidy home is a worthy investment to make. With our House Cleaning Service Weekly Regular, you should be able to clean your kitchen sink and dishes more frequently. Here at 5 Star Cleaning Services, we understand that one size does not fill all. That's why we have separate packages such as Lawn Mowing & Gardening Services in Auckland that are tailor-made for your requirements.

Sometimes you want only a specific area to be scrubbed up, and other times, you want to clean the home from top to bottom. Our hourly packages will help you to select the right package for you. Whatever you require, we are here to help. Our customers love us as we go the extra mile to make their day great. We have been rewarded with high customer satisfaction and organic references to new clients by customers who greatly appreciate our services. We are the best Carpet Cleaners in Auckland, helping you with a professional cleaning

Our carpet maintenance service is popular among customers. Our cleaning detergents are friendly to the fabric extending your carpets' life and keeping their look new and fresh. Our services help improve the air quality by removing dirt, dust, debris, and allergens that have settled deep in the carpet fibers. Home cleaning can be time-consuming and frustrating. That's why we are here to give you streak-free cleaning that you love. Let our professional cleaners take your hassles away.